Heating system with boiler control, one domestic hot water and one unmixed heating circuit

Exigo heating systems: Boiler control, one domestic hot water and one unmixed heating circuit

The Exigo heating controllers offer a ready-made application for the control of boiler, one domestic hot water and one unmixed heating circuit, typically used for floor heating, radiator systems, and more. The application can be downloaded from this website, customized via the application tool and loaded into the controller.

Downloads for Application 113

Exigo Toolbox


Exigo Vido 230V / 3-point

Configuration file 113
Terminal connections 113  (PDF document, 319 kB)

Description of functions

Outdoor temperature-compensated control for one radiator, convectors, or low temperature heating circuit

  • Time switch for daily, weekly, and holiday programs
  • Optimization of switch-on times
  • Caretaker function, frost protection function
  • Outdoor temperature-compensated heating circuit, with optional room-sensor for adaption
  • Min./max. limiting of supply and return temperature
  • Flash adaption
  • Support operation
  • Capacity limitation with optional energy meter
  • Cooling function - switchover based on outside temperature or digital input

Domestic hot water circuit with storage tank and PI controlled load supply temperature

  • Time switch for daily, weekly, and holiday programs
  • Anti-legionella system
  • Settable priority
  • Optional control of circulation pump
  • Capacity limitation with optional energy meter

Boiler control of boilers with modulation

  • Secondary supply temperature control with limitation of the primary return
  • Supply setpoint depending on the demand of HS, HW
  • Optional control of a pump
  • Start- stop- delay

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