Air velocity transmitter

The transmitter is intended for air velocity measurement in HVAC systems, ventilation ducts or similar applications.


(1 st)
  • AVDT25N - Regin
    Air velocity transmitter
    Dimensions, external (WxHxD)
    90*255*85 mm
    Max air velocity
    20 m/s
    Insertion length
    20…200 mm
    Time constant
    1,5 s at 10 m/s s
    Analogue output load impedance 0...10v
    > 10 kΩ
    Analogue output load impedance 4...20mA
    < 500 Ω
    Range 0.2...10 m/s ±(0.2 m/s + 3% of value)
    Response time
    Selectable 0.7 or 4 s s
    0...10 V DC or 4...20 mA, selectable


Specifications for Air velocity transmitter
Protection class IP65
Ambient temp -10…50 °C
Storage temp -30…60 °C
Mounting Duct
Cable gland M16x1,5
Terminal type Screw Terminal