EXOflex 16 Mixed I/O PIFA (6 DI / 2 DO / 4 AI / 4 AO)

Mixed I/O PIFA with 6 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, 4 analogue inputs and 4 analogue outputs for mounting in EXOflex housings.


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  • EP7416 - Regin
    16 Mixed I/O PIFA (6 DI / 2 DO / 4 AI / 4 AO)


Specifications for EXOflex 16 Mixed I/O PIFA (6 DI / 2 DO / 4 AI / 4 AO)
Inputs/outputs (I/Os) 2 DI with standard functionality (filtering, on/off delay, operating time-measurement). 4 DI with advanced functionality (pulse counting, frequency measurement, etc.) in addition to the standard functions. 2 DO with standard functionality (on/off delay, pulse-width modulation, frequency generation, settable offline action). 4 AI with possibility to set the measuring ranges individually. 4 AO.
Digital inputs (DI) Signal levels 0 V/24 V DC or floating switch
Digital outputs (DO) Signal levels 0 V/24 V DC current source, max. 0.5 A per output and max. 0.8 A simultaneously. Short-circuit protected thermal protection with software-based error handling (short-circuit protected output).
Analogue inputs (AI) 0...20 mA, 0...10 V, 0...200 mV, PT100, PT1000, Ni1000 DIN, LG-Ni1000, resistance 0...2000 Ω, etc. Accuracy: 0.1 % of the measuring range, 12-bit A/D converter with digital filter, scaling factor and offset, monitoring of the measuring range.
Analogue outputs (AO) 0...10 V DC, max. 20 mA, 11-bit resolution, scaling factor and offset, ramp generation, settable offline and power-up actions.