CLOUDigo – The easiest way to control your installations

For the user who wants complete control of the buildings' indoor climate at all times, CLOUDigo is the tool of choice. Our web-based platform can always be reached both by you and your colleagues regardless of your physical location.

Complete control – anywhere and at any timeFollow your installations in real time with just a few simple clicks. Navigate between the settings and values in connected controllers. All settings made in CLOUDigo take full effect in the controllers instantly. This makes CLOUDigo the natural choice for individuals working with multiple installations or installations distributed over a wide geographical area.

Short facts about CLOUDigo

  • Gain control of the indoor climate of your buildings – anywhere and at any time.

  • You get the ability to analyse data and act instantly. Quickly, easily and effectively.

  • CLOUDigo handles historical data for complete control and overview.

  • Work using any screen while still retaining full functionality.

  • Getting started in no time. The installation of connected controllers is easy and developed in accordance with our “Ready-Steady-Go” concept.

  • Work using a platform that permits you to grow. You handle your installations – CLOUDigo handles the rest.

  • Open API available for integration with your own IT and cloud solutions.


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CLOUDigo demo site

Try CLOUDigo by logging on to our demo site,
Account: ReginDemo
User name: ReginSe
Password: exo


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