Business-driven development – our solutions

We understand your business reality and work in close collaboration with our partner network with one common goal – the goal of transforming your needs into technical solutions.

Regin solutions Building Management System

Regin Building Energy Management Solutions offer smart workflows and highly efficient maintenance from software to hardware. The solutions make way for long-term energy savings and motivated teams in every part of the organization.

Regin solutions OEM

Looking for a partner who can help you increase profitability and deliver state of the art control solutions? Our competitive edge lies in our flexible platforms that we have developed for this very purpose for decades.

Regin solutions Ventilation

Our broad product range for ventilation enable flexible solutions for control of building systems of different dimensions. Our goal is to make installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance as simple and time efficient as possible. We call it Ready Steady Go!

Regin solutions Heating

We can offer optimized combinations of tailor-made products with everything you need to easily ensure cost- and time efficient control of your heating system, while not having to compromise on comfort. We give you the tools enabling rewarding business.

Regin solutions Room

Scalable solutions for room control with everything from complete building management systems to freely programmable control systems and stand-alone products.

High quality components for the best solutions

Regin develops and produces high quality, user-friendly components and software for smart control of ventilation, heating and climate control in rooms. We provide everything from sensors and valves with 0% seat leakage, to sophisticated systems that interconnect all functionality for high performance and maximum energy savings. This means that we can ensure you get the best possible “bottom-up” solution for your type of building. We have a saying: “A solution is only as good as its weakest component...”

We provide you with the right expertise for your project

No matter what challenge you are facing, you can always rely on us at Regin. We understand the business reality of building owners. Expertise is key in all projects, not only when it comes to products and solutions involved, but also when it comes to planning, implementation in time and budget, as well as commissioning and maintenance for continuous energy savings.

After more than 70 years on the market we have built a well-established international network of experienced certified system integrators with references worldwide who are happy to support you in your projects. Contact us, and we will connect you to the right partner or team for the realization of your specific project.

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