Simrishamn Municipality

Products in focus: Corrigo, Valves & Actuators, Varios types of Sensors, Cloudigo
Location: Sweden
Partner: Lindstens Elektriska AB

Simrishamn decided to simplify operations by using the same simple control systems throughout the entire municipality. As a part of an energy savings project, control equipment for heating, ventilation and various recycling systems have been replaced with Corrigo units connected to CLOUDigo.

  • The same products are used throughout the entire municipality to simplify both operations and the stocking of spare parts
  • No engineering is required when connecting since the graphical interface is entirely automatic
  • Owing to a low overall cost for the solution, it can also be used in small buildings throughout the municipality
  • Accessible everywhere via computer, mobile phone and tablet, raising overall energy awareness
  • A smart energy solution with a number of built-in functions to reduce energy consumption
  • More buildings are monitored, generating both quality and energy savings