Future-proof technology in the Oslo Storting Government building

Since 1866, the Storting building has been set as the parliament of the Norwegian National Assembly. With a fusion of architectural styles from historicism to functionalism, the building is today one of the country’s most important symbols of democracy. Over four decades, Regin, in collaboration with JoTe Systems AS, has been crafting a future-proof system, designed to seamlessly integrate with upcoming technological advancements.

The Storting houses a broad range of occupations and activities. In total, the organization has around 500 employees, that collectively pass Norwegian laws, allocate money in the Fiscal budget, and oversee government operations. When Regin and JoTe Systems AS initially joined the project in 1987, the aim was to develop a flexible and compatible system that could guarantee a sustainable indoor climate for the employees for many years to come in the historic building.

The solution entailed installing a Regin-based system comprising freely programmable devices, room control solutions, and various field products. Today, the installation incorporates all modern technology and communication standards, including TCP/IP, M-bus for energy meters, KNX for lighting control, and web access for the entire installation. These achievements were made possible through progressively incremental upgrades facilitated by future-proof technology.

Technical solution

The system is based on Regin’s freely programmable DDC units EXOcompact, the Regio room control portfolio, and various field products. The entire solution is integrated with Regin’s building management system for complete control.