Entertainment & Leisure

Entertainment & Leisure

Leisure centres Center Parcs

Every day, more than 200 visitors come to the Center Parc in Bispinger to enjoy themselves in the gigantic recreational area consisting of a water park, leisure activities and 600 bungalows.

Museum National Film museum

The National Film Museum in Beijing has an area of more than thirty thousands square meters. It is a cultural exchange centre where movie fans can participate in actual film practice, learn about the entertainment industry, and get to know the latest film technology.

Arena BIGBOX Entertainment building

BIGBOX in the heart of Kempten, Germany, is a building for public events like concerts, shows or big congresses.

Waterpark Himlabadet

Himlabadet in Sundsvall is a waterpark consisting of a combination pool, an exercise, training and adventure bath, a spa area and Europe's first surfstream.

A selection of References:

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Macau Barbosa Swimming Pool - Macau, China
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Musical Theater - Gdynia, Poland
Piscine de Chartres Swimming Pool - Chartres, France