CMF -Controllers for simple applications

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A series of compact, economic and versatile stand-alone controllers without communication. They are pre-configured and intended for smaller applications. The controllers are easy to install, commission and control.
CMF5U and CMF10There are two models, CMF5U and CMF10. CMF5U has 5 inputs/outputs and 24 V AC supply voltage. It has a choice of five different control modes:

  • Temperature control
  • CO2 control
  • General control 0...100 %
  • Pressure control
  • Pressure control with outdoor compensation

CMF10 has 10 inputs/outputs. It is available in versions with 24 V AC or 230 V AC supply voltage and has a choice of five different control modes:

  • Supply air temperature control
  • Supply air temperature control with outdoor compensation
  • Cascade connected, room temperature influenced, supply air control
  • Radiator circuit control with outdoor curve
  • Domestic hot water control

TimerThe timer handles e.g. night setback, start or stop of fans during weekdays or during a day.Quick and simple installationThe device is suitable for DIN-rail or cabinet mounting. Since the terminals are detachable, all connections can be made before the controller is installed.