Thermal actuator

Thermal actuators with position indication for control of valves in heating or cooling systems. The actuator can be used to control radiator circuits, solar heating systems, heating or cooling coils, floor heating etc. The VA54 adapter is included upon delivery (does not apply to RTAM-24-10 and RTAM-24-15).


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Specificaties voor Thermal actuator
Power consumption 24 V AC/DC, 2 VA, start-up 250 mA or 230 V AC, 2 VA, start-up 300 mA
Closing/opening time 3min
Force 100, 125N
Stroke 4 and 6.5mm
Ambient temperature 0...60°C
Cable length 2m
Protection class IP54



Adapter case containing an assortment of adapters for testing on site