XCA152DW-4 EXOcompact Ardo freely programmable controllers

Small and compact controller with different types of communication, with or without built-in display. EXOcompact Ardo is equipped with various communication ports. Therefore it can either act as a stand-alone unit or be integrated with Arrigo BMS or other SCADA systems. User-friendly tools are available for flexible handling and easy access via the web server.


Specifications for XCA152DW-4
Dimensions, external (WxHxD) 149*121*58 mm
Display type Backlit, LCD, 4*20 char
Supported protocols EXOline, Modbus, BACnet, EFX
RS485 ports 1
Ethernet ports 1
M-Bus ports 0
Display ports 1
AI 4
UI 0
DI 4
CI 0
AO 3
DO 4
Specifications for EXOcompact Ardo freely programmable controllers
Power Supply 24VAC/DC (21...27 V AC 50/60Hz / 20...36 V DC), 4.0 VA
Battery life time 5 years
Protection class IP20
Ambient humidity (non-condensing) 0…95 % RH
Ambient temp 0…50 °C
Storage temp -20…70 °C
Mounting DIN-rail
Casing Euro Norm
Weight, incl. packaging 0.4 kg
Terminal block width 5 mm
Terminal type Screw Terminal
Detachable terminal Yes
Terminal wire size 1.5 mm²
Material, housing Polycarbonate