Regin OEM

– We help you realize your ideas 

Regin has developed products and systems for control/regulation of indoor climate since 1947. This competence, together with our production resources, is an asset for many customers who entrust our OEM department with helping them with everything from product design to the finished product. Since we have a long tradition in flow control, we also develop and produce valves and actuators for different OEM applications.

Regin offers: 

• Product design, construction 
• Prototype production 
• PCB production 
• Injection moulding of casings 
• Assembly 
• Testing, e.g. climate tests 
• Customising different applications 
• Programming 
• Customised packaging 
• Manuals, instructions
• Project leaders with technical and commercial competence 
• Specialists in design, programming, web technology, etc. 
• Purchasing department with a wide network 
• Technical support/helpdesk

Examples of OEM:

• Zone control 
• Ventilation 
• Heating/cooling 
• Dehumidification/Humidification 
• Heat pumps 
• District heating/cooling 
• Circuit boards/PCB

Information for OEM customers