Green and smart automation technology

At Regin, we believe in green and smart automation technology for climate control in buildings. Our solutions empower system integrators, manufacturers and facility owners, giving them efficient technology to save energy and time. It is all captured in our vision: People’s well-being in a sustainable future.

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Latest news from Regin

DEOS AG becomes part of the REGIN Group

Pressrelease: The Swedish REGIN Group announced today that it has acquired German DEOS AG, a technology frontrunner in building automation.

Connected heat control provides future-proof buildings

Some time ago, TKA Styr & Regler was commissioned to find a new heating solution in several older rental properties in Linköping, Sweden. The assignment concerned a large number of facilities, where none of the properties had been digitally connected before the project was initiated.

Arrigo. The comprehensive platform for connected buildings.

The scalable platform Arrigo covers all aspects of the management of a connected building. Whether you are a building owner or an integrator working with Regin’s EXOscada today, Arrigo is the next step into the future generation of building management.

The value of Real Estate data is the new hard currency for building owners

Owning building data has become a new currency in the real-estate business. ”Building data has moved to the strategic agenda of many real estate companies. In many cases, data ownership can be the decisive competitive factor for developing services and customer value.”, says Gunnar Åberg, EVP Product Management at AB Regin.

Configurable heating controls for standard applications

A smart, easy-to-install, and future-proof heating control system designed for optimal user experience considerably increases the value of any real estate investment. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of standardized solutions for control of heating systems, such as domestic hot water boilers, district heating, hot water supply or mixed heating systems.

Riksbyggen invests in sustainable heat management

As one of Sweden’s largest building managers, Riksbyggen is investing in system development and Artificial Intelligence to create a clear service package that helps condominium customers to optimize their energy use in the long term.

Business-driven development – our solutions

We understand your business reality and work in close collaboration with our partner network with one common goal – the goal of transforming your needs into technical solutions.

Regin solutions Building Management System

Regin Building Energy Management Solutions offer smart workflows and highly efficient maintenance from software to hardware. The solutions make way for long-term energy savings and motivated teams in every part of the organization.

Regin solutions OEM

Looking for a partner who can help you increase profitability and deliver state of the art control solutions? Our competitive edge lies in our flexible platforms that we have developed for this very purpose for decades.

Regin solutions Ventilation

Our broad product range for ventilation enable flexible solutions for control of building systems of different dimensions. Our goal is to make installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance as simple and time efficient as possible. We call it Ready Steady Go!

Regin solutions Heating

We can offer optimized combinations of tailor-made products with everything you need to easily ensure cost- and time efficient control of your heating system, while not having to compromise on comfort. We give you the tools enabling rewarding business.

Regin solutions Room

Scalable solutions for room control with everything from complete building management systems to freely programmable control systems and stand-alone products.