Green and smart automation technology

At Regin, we believe in green and smart automation technology for climate control in buildings. Our solutions empower system integrators, manufacturers and facility owners, giving them efficient technology to save energy and time. It is all captured in our vision: People’s well-being in a sustainable future.

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藉由持續改善建築物的能源利用,業主可以大幅節省資金支出。從長遠效益來看,此舉對氣候也有積極影響,因為減少能源使用量,也可以減少二氧化碳排放量。這些效益是眾所皆知的,但還有更多優點。REGIN瑞典銷售經理,Anders Torsell說:「另一個主要優勢是,隨著能源消耗的減少,該房地產的市場價值可能會增加。」