Arrigo - Installation and upgrade

Installation and updates

Follow the checklist below to get your installation of Arrigo BMS.
Be aware that Arrigo Local also needs:

  • EXO2019 Edition 4 (contact Regin Sales for download link)
  • SQL (Server) Express 2019 (contact Regin Support for download link)

Checklist (Installation and runtime):

  • EXO2019 Edition 4 is installed.
  • SQL (Server) Express is installed.
  • License for EXOscada 2019 is installed.
  • If you had EXO2019 Edition 3 installed before and upgrading to Edition 4 then install the EXO2019...f version (to get the ViewDesigner working).
  • Arrigo Local is installed. (ArrigoLocalInstaller.exe from
  • Arrigo BMS is added to your project, instructions below. Or you created a new Arrigo BMS project.
  • Project is attached + Arrigo BMS attached.
  • EXOscada is started.

First-time login:

  • Make a valid user account/password in EXOscada.
    - Do a first-time login at https://localhost/exoscada to fulfill a password change, the user account then gets valid for Arrigo BMS. It is NOT necessary to use Flash for this action so this can be done in a standard browser.
  • Start a browser and navigate to https://localhost/arrigo.
  • Login with the valid user account.

Future updates

Every time the ArrigoLocalInstaller.exe is executed it will check for updates. In case there is a newer version available, it will download it to the Windows Download folder and automatically install it automatically.

The downloaded file, typically named ArrigoLocalInstaller-EXO20nnEditionn_nnn-n.n.nn.exe, is the most recent stable build. This can be used for installations on other computers, offline if needed.

Evaluation program (Latest)
An even later build can be downloaded for testing and evaluation of fixes and new features, this is called "Latest". The -latest untested build, not for end-client installation.

To install the latest run the downloaded installer from the Windows Command Prompt (Win + R, then CMD).
Add -latest at the end like this.

> ArrigoLocalInstaller.exe -latest

Warning! This way of installing will override the standard installer and install a non tested version of the system. If you are unsure of what to do, just run the installer normally to get the most recent stable build.

Adding Arrigo BMS to an existing project

An EXOscada project needs the additional Arrigo BMS object to work. A couple of manual steps are needed to get online and going.

  1. In Project Builder, add the object Arrigo BMS from the General objects category.
    - Click New, select "Arrigo BMS", then Next> ...
    This will copy necessary files to the project and give access to the new tools.
  2. Select "MainComputer" and open "Add/Remove Scada functions" - add the Arrigo BMS function.
    - Click New, select "Arrigo BMS", then OK
  3. Restart EXOscada.

Additional Checklist - After upgrading from Arrigo 1.0 to 1.1

Check that you have the right version installed:

  • Open the file:
    C:\ProgramData\Arrigo\Arrigo Local\versions.json in a text editor.

Attach the Arrigo BMS

  • Select the Arrigo BMS object
    Go to the menu "Tools" -> Attach Arrigo BMS.

This has to be done every time changing or creating a new project to attach services to the project.

Upgrade project to current Arrigo BMS version

To update all standard views and graphics like SVGs

  • Go to the menu "Tools" -> Upgrade project to current Arrigo BMS version

This will overwrite any standard views so be careful if you know that you have them modified and not using other filenames.