Create a complete ventilation solution!

We provide you with everything needed to get the perfect ventilation control no matter what type of building. Make sure to complete your Corrigo ventilation solution!

CLOUDigo - the time and energy saver

CLOUDigo is an IOT-based cloud service portal that gives you full access to all Corrigo controllers in different buildings. Monitor logs and optimize values from your computer or device. Cloudigo offers pedagogical flow charts with real-time data. The interfaces are permission-controlled for different users and the cloud-service has 13 months logging.

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Presigo - designed for reliability and expansion

Presigo is our compact pressure transmitter, based on a sensor technology with among the highest accuracy and long-term stability value on the market. It is easy to install and can optionally be deployed as an expansion unit, optimizing the use of cables. By installing Presigo, you get high accuracy and long-term stability in your solution. The additional I/O:s offer major expansion possibilities!

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Precise and durable damper actuators

Regin offers a wide selection of damper actuators with different control signals and torques.
Robust housings ensure durability, and the actuators are easy to mount. The patented self-centring shaft adapter reduces actuator load, extends product life and improves reliability. Color-coded connection cables and one-screw mounting make mounting easy and fast. The damper actuators are designed for long life cycles and give quick, and precise function control.

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Go Wireless! 

Regin’s range of wireless products comprises everything from room- and outdoor sensors to presence detectors, as well as a receiver that handles up to 32 sensors. Its competitive edge is an exceptional communication range and high level of reliability. When choosing our wireless range, you can be sure to get one of the strongest signal transmissions available and easy installation with maximum flexibility.

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Wide range of displays

Easy to use displays for any need from high-quality pre-programmed to web displays with high resolution are all designed to offer a Ready Steady Go experience for the end-user.

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