Arman Commercial & Residential complex

The Installation: Corrigo
Country: Mashhad, Iran
Partner: Aria Atsez Building Automation

The Assignment:

Install a climate control system in the Arman Residential and Commercial Complex in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran. Servicing Muslim pilgrims, the 13-floor centre includes a hotel, apartments, more than 450 shops, restaurants and a giant main hall with waterfalls, ponds and caves.

The Challenge:

It was a project full of challenges, to say the least. The most important one was to choose the right solution: programming the entire system from scratch or working with pre-programmed regulators, configured through a simple cloud solution.

The Solution:

There was more than 90 air handling units spread out around the building and the client was in a rush and wanted to start up the shopping centre first. This project could have been so messy, complicated and time-consuming. But with the pre-programmed Corrigo they managed to start it up at once, step by step with the entire energy-saving functionality such as outdoor-compensated scheduled time of operation and so on.

  • Using simple tools for Corrigo, the installer was able to deploy the whole system single-handedly
  • A clear-cut Modbus standard enables easy integration with existing SCADA systems
  • The standardised solution handled both simple and advanced applications
  • The standardised solution minimised all error sources during commissioning, service and maintenance
  • The solution can be easily upgraded, if needed

Commercial & Residential building A simple solution to an overwhelming challenge

A customer in a rush with a climate control system to be installed in 450 shops, hotel and apartments at the same time can be more than enough reason to panic. But Aria Atsez Building Automation in Iran made it happen with pre-programmed regulators and a simple cloud solution.