The Oslo Storting, Government Building

The installation: EXOscada/EXO4, EXOflex, EXOcompact, Regio, Various HVAC/Field–products
Country: Oslo, Norway
Partner: JoTe Systems

A classical building in Oslo with a long history and reputation that has progressively been given many incremental upgrades thanks to future proof technology.

  • Commissioned in 1987, it is still fully modern
  • The initial units in the building, installed in 1987, today use modern technology with web access and communication via e.g. TCP/IP
  • Old technology that still works is permitted to remain, to be integrated with today’s most advanced technology. ”If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” is the motto.
  • Today, the installation integrates all modern technology and communication standards – including TCP/IP, M-Bus for energy meters, KNX for lighting control, web access for the entire installation, simple user interfaces and more.
  • Flexibility and compatibility makes the solution safe even during coming decades

Commercial building Taking a historic gem into the future

For almost 30 years, Jote Systems have constantly modernized the Norwegian parliament building Stortinget: a true gem to the Norwegian people. Today it is both energy efficient and future proof, thanks to hard work from day one.