Taking a historic gem into the future

For almost 30 years, Jote Systems have constantly modernized the Norwegian parliament building Stortinget: a true gem to the Norwegian people. Today it is both energy efficient and future proof, thanks to hard work from day one. The efforts have now gained recognition, receiving a Regin Energy Saver Award as the most future-oriented solution of the year.

- Being awarded feels great, someone acknowledges the work we have done for so many years. To us it is proof that we have reached the level where we are supposed to be. It has been hard work from day one says Bjørn Vidar Teigen, CEO of Jote Systems.

The initial units were installed as early as 1987, but according to the prize jury, the system is "still every bit as modern today thanks to future-proof technology. The integrator always has future-proof solutions in mind and incorporates flexibility and compatibility in every step of development, guaranteeing the solution will work for many, many more years to come."

Great challenge for two people

For Jote Systems, employing only two people, the challenge has been great in more than one way.

- This project has been demanding from time to time, but it has been exciting since this is an intricate building complex. A historic parliament building forms the core, which is then surrounded by other more modern buildings. It has been interesting to build technical solutions, choose components and connect the system in order to achieve a holistic and well thought out installation.

Another strength that was pointed out by the jury is the fact that old technology which still works is kept and integrated with the most modern technology available. Every detail is taken into consideration in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

- Saving energy is important. A small detail in the planning and installation phase can mean large savings when in operation. Also, you mustn't forget the systems that have been running for some time. Here lies big potential of saving energy, as well as improving the comfort and indoor climate for the end user, says Bjørn Vidar Teigen.

Photo of Stortinget: Lennart Perlenhem/norden.org