Scalable facility management platform drives energy savings in Nacka municipality

In 2010, the new European goals for energy efficiency in properties were established. Nacka, a Swedish municipality with approximately 100 000 inhabitants in the Stockholm region, faced the challenge of improving their process to systematic measuring and assessing their energy savings according to the new guidelines.

Several properties – one solution

At the start of the project, the heating and ventilation systems and energy meters installed in all the municipally-owned properties were connected to an overall operational management system called EXOscada. The purpose was to enable follow-up of historical data and to be able to measure the effectiveness of implemented actions on one platform.

Since 2010, Nacka municipality has connected over 40 properties to the operational monitoring system EXOscada. These properties range from residential buildings to schools and preschools. The result of centralizing the property management has given more than 20% energy savings in total, greatly exceeding all expectations.

A system that facilitates the work of operations technicians

Today, Nacka municipality is ready to take the next step in its digitalization journey and convert its existing EXOscada systems to a modern building management platform. Arrigo is scalable, open and secure, and contains specific applications for building management, energy monitoring, and facility management. Nacka municipality will apply the tools for planned maintenance, error reports, and document management to increase the organization’s internal efficiency.

“In Arrigo, our operations technicians can monitor, visualize and analyze property data and information. This creates an enhanced end-user experience as we can follow up and act on alarms quickly from a distance. In the Arrigo interface, operating technicians can get a comprehensive overview of the exact physical location of control cabinets, electricity switchboards, and water turn-offs. This interface facilitates cooperation and enables our property team to make quick decisions in situations where immediate action is required”, says Fredrik Axelsson, Technical Manager at Nacka Municipality.

Continued optimization in Nacka municipality

The goal forward is to achieve further energy savings by, for example, connecting all thermal energy and electricity meters to the monitoring system. Nacka municipality has an active dialogue with local staff and operations technicians to continuously find opportunities to improve systems and working methods.

As the conversion to Arrigo is ongoing, several features are under development. In the future, several of the properties in the municipality are expected to be connected to Arrigo EMS, Regin’s powerful application for energy optimization that enables in-depth analyses of collected property data.

“We see great potential in Arrigo’s open interface and look forward to being able to use the entire platform in the future. In the long run, it will facilitate the daily work by enabling us to depart from extensive manual work to a single platform for property management. This creates significant value for us at Nacka municipality, concludes Fredrik.

About Nacka municipality

Nacka is one of Sweden’s larger municipalities in terms of population, and the area continues to expand. Today, more than 100,000 people live in the municipality and with the proximity to both nature and water, the municipality is popular with both families, couples, and single households.

Nacka consists of the municipal areas Boo, Fisksätra/Saltsjöbaden, Sicklaön and Älta. In 2018, Nacka was nominated “Super Municipality of the Year”, an award based on surveys regarding the future visions of the municipalities in Sweden. With that said, Nacka is a leading municipality that is characterized by strong growth.

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