Government Buildings, Ankara

Location: Turkey
Partner: Elektro-Tek

With over 50 000 data points controlling and monitoring more than 20 buildings, the new government buildings in Turkey sport one of the most future oriented solutions in all of Europe.

  • The system controls and monitors an area comprising 750km2, 35000 I/O points and 3250 fan-coil units
  • An entirety of 20 buildings communicate via EXOscada via a virtual master server
  • All buildings have their own local network and communicate via TCP/IP
  • Ventilation and lighting are run via zone-based control in the same system
  • All cooling towers, pumps, cooling rooms and sprinkler systems communicate via EXOscada over Modbus RTU
  • The solution is future proof and during 2016 the system will be expanded to also encompass a congress hall and library