Public buildings

Public buildings

Public building Simrishamn municipality

Simrishamn decided to simplify operations by using the same simple control systems throughout the entire municipality. As a part of an energy savings project, control equipment for heating, ventilation and various recycling systems have been replaced with Corrigo units connected to CLOUDigo.

Public building Government buildings, Ankara

With over 50 000 data points controlling and monitoring more than 20 buildings, the new government buildings in Turkey sport one of the most future oriented solutions in all of Europe.

Commercial building Taking a historic gem into the future

For almost 30 years, Jote Systems have constantly modernized the Norwegian parliament building Stortinget: a true gem to the Norwegian people. Today it is both energy efficient and future proof, thanks to hard work from day one.

Government Building The Oslo Storting

A classical building in Oslo with a long history and reputation that has progressively been given many incremental upgrades thanks to future proof technology.

A selection of References

Prime Minister's Office – Ankara, Turkey
Austrian Embassy in Jakarta - Jakarta, Indonesia