Schenker integrated solutions

The Installation: EXOscada, Arrigo, various HVAC/Field-products, 12 500 st I/O
Country: All over Sweden
Partner: Systeminstallation Sweden AB

A comprehensive solution strongly contributing to energy savings, which has been applied to a large number of Schenker’s buildings in Sweden.

  • Has saved 100 MSEK over 10 years for Schenker
  • Large savings in small-scale energy solutions through intelligent lighting concepts as well as control of heating and ventilation
  • Terminal ports have been brought online and are supervised
  • Training of personnel in installations surrounding Sweden has helped safeguard energy optimisation in existing systems via web interface and daily review of existing systems through operations and alarm monitoring
  • Careful energy monitoring enables detection of unwanted energy use at an early stage
  • Effective management of planned maintenance and error reports

Logistics A winning strategy saving millions

Using smart solutions and a holistic perspective, Systeminstallation from Varberg, Sweden has reduced energy costs for the transport company Schenker by SEK 100 million in 10 years.