Arrigo Docking

The Installation: Arrigo
Country: All over Sweden
Partner: Systeminstallation Sweden AB

A newly developed, effective loading dock door control system for improvements in energy efficiency as well as internal planning and production.

  • Revolutionary operation and management enables better indoor climate and reduced resource use for buildings with loading doors and dock facilities
  • Effective control of doors and dock loading, e.g. in freight terminals, is an important development of an already highly sophisticated building automation system for creating energy efficient buildings
  • Arrigo Docking provides full control of loading door control functions in accordance with their desired operation
  • Using the energy efficient functions of the loading door control, which include an energy-saving mode and automatic door closing function, enables not only efficient management of the doors themselves but also overall reductions in heat loss. This helps create a more even, comfortable indoor climate and lower energy consumption.
  • Values are recorded and logged down to the minute using photocells and sensors that keep track of each docking. Data is then correlated on a building level, enabling easy overview of at what times the facility sees the most use – but also of how efficiently said time is used.