Finnish hotel chain invests in sustainability

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo in Vantaa is a perfect example of how large hotel chains start leading the way and show how the climate impact of their business can be reduced. Environmental engagement is a matter of priority for the “Green Key” awarded hotel chain. The true engagement is also perceived by the consumers - Sokos Hotels were ranked the most sustainable brand 2019 within the Hotel category, by consumers on the Finnish market.

In 2019, Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo expanded its business with a completely new building – the red wing*. In competition with a group of other companies, Regin won the contract for the installation of climate control.
“We chose Regin since we got a cost-efficient offer. What finally determined our choice, however, was the fact that Regin has a wide product range and a very experienced team when it comes to energy-efficient solutions for climate control” says Sari Raunio at Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

A complex system

After several start-up meetings and some delays, the automation installations started in November, 2018. The team had a very tight schedule with only one and a half months to work. The installed system was fairly complex, including a large amount of bus-technology: Modbus for the pumps and the fire damper system, KNX for control of the lighting and M-bus for the energy- and water meters. Also, there was a significant amount of customized Air Handling Units and 232 room units to install and configure. The pumps in the system were of several different brands, a fact that required high programming skills.
“The scope of the project increased along the way but thanks to good cooperation in the project, we got everything in place and the system was up and running according to plan” says Mikko Riihikanto, Area Manager at Regin.

Customized control for increased energy savings

The new solution controls everything from heating, cooling, temperature, humidity and lighting but also a solar collector and a solar panel system which in turn produces hot water and electricity for the building. The customized Air Handling Units contribute significantly to maximum energy savings. In addition to the regular heat recovery system, they also provide free cooling for hotel rooms and pre-heating of supply air with waste heat from the rooms.
“Indoor comfort is an important factor that influences how guests experience their stay. For us it is important to take the lead and show that hotels can take responsibility for their climate impact. Our climate system in the new wing clearly helps minimize our carbon footprint which is completely in line with our sustainability principles and guidelines.” says Päivi Holappa, General Manager at Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo.
The new building complies both with the BREEAM standards and the international Green Key eco-label. The international Green Key eco-label is a leading standard in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

Regin-products included in the solution:

  • EXOclever
  • EXOflex
  • EXOcompact
  • Regio RC-C3DOC, black room units
  • Sensors & transmitters, valves and actuators
  • Damper actuators

*The newly-built, wavy red wing-building of the famous Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo is a new landmark close to the main motorway in Vantaa, about 3 km from the international airport in Helsinki-Vantaa. It’s located right in the middle of the Flamingo and Jumbo entertainment and shopping centre which offers everything from an aqua-park, spa facilities and bowling to cinema, food (38 restaurants!) and shopping (165 stores).