Complete energy control of the Swedish winery Ästad Vingård

In the middle of a nature reserve in southwest Sweden, one of the country's largest wineries, Ästad Vingård, is located. Here, everything is about creating a nature experience with sustainability in focus, which places high demands on effective property management.

Since 2015, Regin's Premium Solution partner Systeminstallation has established a project to create a sustainable facility with an increased level of technology. Today, almost the entire winery and its operations are controlled via Regin's building management system Arrigo, which enables efficient operation with minimal environmental impact.

From wine production to frost irrigation and car charging

The project originated in the challenge of producing wine in the Halland region, a location characterized by a changing climate and varying temperatures. Previously, frost irrigation was managed manually, but with the advantage of implementing systems and wireless field components from Regin, it became possible to take control of the automatic irrigation that ensures frost protection for the sensitive budding grapes.

In order to create the right conditions for an organic winery, a solution has also been programmed for accurate temperature control for fermenting the grapes. This way, the system facilitates control of the whole process from grape to finished wine. Storage of the wine is managed via humidity control in the wine cellar.

With knowledge about the benefits of a connected facility, Ästad vingård has continued to implement new solutions to streamline energy use and advance the overall experience. For example, a completely scalable solution for room control has been implemented, enabling comfort and optimal air quality in all the hotel's spaces – from hotel and conference rooms to restaurants and pool areas.

About half of all electricity consumed at Ästad Vingård, is generated through its solar park. To ensure sustainable operations, Ästad Vingård also invests heavily in green electricity. When visiting the yard with an electric car, the vehicle can always be charged in one of the charging stations mounted on the parking.

With APIs in Arrigo, multiple systems can interact with each other

One of the advantages of Arrigo is its open standards that allow multiple systems to interact with each other. For example, Arrigo has been able to connect to the external booking system from Spectra Systems, which means that the system can collect data about check-in and check-out. In this way, Ästad Vingård has been able to save energy by adapting climate control to the activity of the hotel rooms.

The big challenge in the project has been to consistently ensure sustainable operations. While taking advantage of advanced and high-tech solutions, it has also been important to maintain a user-friendly system.

"The challenge for us has been to develop a high-tech solution, which is still easy to understand and use for everyone. Although several systems must cooperate and retrieve information from each other, it should be possible to enter one of the hotel rooms and turn on the TV, without it being too complicated. Thanks to Arrigo BMS, it is possible", says Bjarne Johansson, Systeminstallation, Sweden.

Big visions for the future of Ästad Vingård

The level of activity at Ästad vingård is high and long-term investments in energy-efficient and sustainable systems are being made. In June, 100 electric car parking spaces will be installed, a new restaurant is already under construction, and energy optimization of both heat and electricity is done continuously. All with the guests' comfort and overall experience in focus.

Technical solution

Several of Regin’s freely programmable control units EXOcompact and EXOclever are installed in the property and communicate with Arrigo BMS. Energy monitoring and optimization take place in the Arrigo EMS (Energy Management system). In order to be able to increase the number of inputs and outputs in the system, several expansion units and I/O modules are used, which makes it possible to expand the control units and connect external systems.

Regin’s EXOcompact Ardo with an external temperature sensor has been installed in each room, which enables communication with the central system. In this way, it is easy to get an overview of the values for the entire property. To achieve optimal temperatures in the property, room sensors for temperature have been installed, as well as duct sensors for measuring air temperature in the ventilation ducts. In addition, immersion sensors are used to measure and regulate water temperatures in spa and pool areas.

The vineyard has several wireless sensors installed, that start frost protection irrigation when there is a risk of freezing. A pressure sensor in the irrigation system is used to regulate pumps and ensure that there is no leakage. The comprehensive product portfolio for frost protection is also connected to Arrigo BMS, which means that the property owner has full control over measured values in the cultivation.

About Ästad Vingård

Ästad Vingård established its operations in milk production in 1985 as one of the first ecological farms in Sweden. Shortly afterward, the interest in tourism increased on the farm, which laid the foundation for today’s operations within hotels, spas, and restaurants.

As the name reveals, they invest heavily in organic wine production, where several wines are provided exclusively on the farm. As a visitor, it is possible to accompany a sommelier on a guided tour of the vineyard or settle down for wine tasting. Adjacent to Ästad Vingård, Restaurant ÄNG is placed which holds one star in the Michelin Guide.

Sustainability and rural development are important at Ästad Vingård. The entire farm has been Nordic Ecolabelled and through grants for the European Agricultural Fund, it has become possible to further increase investments in the environment and sustainable development.

About Systeminstallation

Systeminstallation is a system integration company that develops software, systems and products for energy efficiency and building automation. The company has a wide range of energy and operational services where energy experts optimize solutions. Systeminstallation also offers services for maintenance, property management and service.

The company was founded over 20 years ago and has grown from four employees to over 150, operating in several locations in Sweden. Sustainable collaboration has been one of the company's keywords from start, and they work closely with customers, partners, and suppliers to achieve common goals.

Systeminstallation operates mainly in the following areas: Municipalities, Offices and Business Premises, Housing, Pools & Spa, Hotels, Logistics and Energy and Operations Services. Major references include Gekås Ullared, Carlsberg, Gothenburg Energy, DHL, Schenker and PEAB, as well as several municipalities in Sweden.