The Installation: Regin’ s SCADA system, EXO4 Web Server, EXOflex, EXOcompact, transmitters, sensors, detectors, valves, actuators
Country: Sundsvall, Sweden
Partner: TWS System AB

Himlabadet in Sundsvall is a waterpark consisting of a combination pool, an exercise, training and adventure bath, a spa area and Europe's first surfstream. TWS System AB, a Regin Gold certified integrator, has made a complete control and regulation system for the whole establishment. Working with waterparks is complicated with high demands on building automation technology. The proposal made by TWS involves the largest version of Regin’ s SCADA system, EXO4 Web Server, a large number of freely programmable EXOflex controllers and several EXOcompact controllers as well as Regin's transmitters, sensors, detectors, valves and actuators.