More than 20 years of energy efficiency in focus at the largest water park in Germany

The Installation: EXO
Country: All over Europe
Patrner: RT 2000

Every day, more than 200 visitors come to the Center Parc in Bispinger to enjoy themselves in the gigantic recreational area consisting of a water park, leisure activities and 600 bungalows.

”The demand for healthy water quality and a good indoor environment is high. At the same time, sustainability and resource control is an important issue”, says Robert Wouterse, Company Manager at the Regin certified company RT2000.

Open and future proof solutions last long

20 years ago, RT 2000 received the order to install the first EXO system including a vast number of functions from indoor climate to advanced water treatment. The integration of different functions made it possible to control all processes very precisely and to ensure no energy is used in vain. Center Parcs decided to go with an open system that could be extended and modified as times and needs changed. This gave them a safe solution that could even be upgraded continuously to conform to the latest energy regulations.

Clear return of investment

”The challenge in these highly complex installations is to have a good performance in the whole installation for many years”, says Robert Wouterse Company Manager at RT2000. Therefore, it is important to continuously make sure that all components in the installations work well together. Recently, Center Parcs made new investments in the system that led to another 25 % reduction in energy consumption.