Substantial energy savings and high return on investments in building automation project

Maximum energy efficiency and a return on investments (ROI) in less than five years were crucial factors in UNo eNG Srl obtaining the contract for an energy savings project in Padova, Italy. The project has now received the “Energy-saving Solution of the Year” award in the 2018 Regin Energy Saver Awards. The award ceremony took place at Nordbygg, the biggest building exhibition in northern Europe.

Using a holistic approach, the company UNo eNG Srl carried out a thorough analysis of all energy consuming components within the building. Not only was the control system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning improved and optimized, but investments into modern technology were also made in many other areas. For instance, LED lighting was installed together with frequency converters for motor control, as well as air quality sensors for air supply control.

“We are very proud that Regin has noticed our innovative solutions which enables our customers to save both money and energy. Furthermore, our control system also uses a flexible infrastructure which is easily adaptable to future needs”, says Nicola Masiero, CEO at UNo eNG Srl.

Combined with additional implementations, this new technical solution will help save approximately 200,000 kWh, equalling roughly 20 percent of the building’s total consumption, together with 10,000 m3 of gas. The project investment is estimated to have fully paid for itself in less than five years.

“It is always wise to question the existing energy consumption of any building. This project is a perfect example of how a thorough analysis to identify all components in a system pays off. In nearly all cases, there is an even greater potential for energy savings”, says Leif Brattschöld, CEO at Regin and one of the Energy Saver Awards jury members.

The improved bank office control system resulted in a 90 percent load reduction during winter months, as well as a 60 percent reduction in ventilation and air conditioning power consumption.

The Energy Saving Solution of the Year

Project: An energy-efficient control system for a bank
Winner: UNo eNG Srl
The jury’s motivation:
“The winner of the Energy Saver Category of 2018 is a true proof of concept showing that a holistic view on building automation pays off. In this project, an existing control system was replaced by a completely new solution. Essential long-term savings could be achieved by analyzing the existing building and identifying the needs of the people working in the building and by pinpointing what functions could be made more efficient. The payback time of the project was 5 years only.”

A large amount of innovative energy saving solutions were registered in the 2018 Regin Energy Saver Awards. Prizes were awarded in three categories:” The Energy-saving Solution of the Year”, “The most Future-Oriented Solution of the Year” and “The Ready-Steady-Go Installation of the Year”. For more information please click here.