Stefan Lindgren new jury member Energy Saver Awards: Buildings and the fourth wave of Internet

Stefan Lindgren, CEO of international telecommunications company Talkpool, is working all over the world. Currently he is a jury member at Regins Energy Saver Awards at “Nordbygg”, Northern Europes most important construction industry 11:th of april. “I am happy to be a part of this initiative and contribute when it comes to lifting the innovative solutions for saving energy in buildings the world over”, says Stefan Lindgren.

Stefan Lindgren has a long background in mobile communication, among other things as a Head of Ericsson's Mobile Broadband Module Development. With seven different international patents on his resume, Stefan stands in the centre of attention for new applications of internet.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, Stefan is the architect of a brand new mobile network for Internet-of-Things that is already built and lays the foundation for smart IoT solutions, not least for the construction and building industry.

”We are in the fourth wave of the internet which affects the industry and b2b when machines are connected to each other. This will lead to amazing opportunities, not least on the property side, with various sensors that can measure environmental quality both indoors and outdoors, prevent damage, measure consumption and so on," Stefan Lindgren says.

Digital models can detect energy waste

Companies are now building digital models of their buildings, where information from different systems is matched. It is not unusual to discover unnecessary energy consumption, for example, that the cooling and heating systems work simultaneously against each other.

”Effective environmental certification of real estate is another strong factor for digitalization, the cost can often be discounted directly into better loan terms and increased property valuation," Stefan says.

As a further development of Talkpool's investments in Internet-of-Things, Stefan also plays an important role in the development of the “JoorsChain” platform based on block-chain technology, which means full traceability and transparency of information and transactions. As a spin-off, the technology is now also being launched for digital advertising over the mobile networks to get rid of unscrupulous players.

”Our solution is now being launched on markets in Africa and South America where the problem of fraud is worst, but the problems are known globally”, Stefan says.

When Stefan Lindgren is not on the move, in China to meet investors or at headquarters in Switzerland, he is at the development office in Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg in Sweden.

About Stefan Lindgren

Current as jury member Energy Saver Awards
CTO at Talkpool, an international telecom company with solutions within the IoT area
Former Head of Ericsson's Development Department for Mobile Broadband Modules
Holder of 7 international patents in mobile communications
Education: Master of Science, Technical Physics at Uppsala University
Living in Kungsbacka, Sweden.