SSCU – combined meters with a next generation calculator

SSCU replace the flanged US-S/FFL ultrasonic meters and are used to register energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings of various types. SSCU are combined meters with the same dimensions, pipe installation dimensions and functions as US-S/FFL, but now including a next generation calculator unit with optional external power supply (previously available only via special order).

SSCU are durable and stable meters, providing a very high degree of accuracy. The meters provide information on current consumption, monthly values, etc. while simultaneously reporting errors that need to be resolved. When first installing and starting the meter, you can select whether the flow meter should be installed in the return pipe or in the supply pipe.

SSCU offer optional 230 V and 24 V supply voltage via the POWERPACK-EM or POWERPACK-24 power supply units. There are optional wells for the built-in sensors, as well as the BATTERY-EM replacement battery. It is also possible to switch the communication interface after installing the meter. To do so, please contact us for more information.