Save time using our new Application tool

We want it to be easy for our customers to use our products. A part of this is to offer you time-saving and user-friendly tools like Application tool - a completely new configuration software for our Regio range of controllers.

Application tool is user-focused and future-proof using Regin’s new software platform, based on cutting-edge technology. Using pre-set templates in the tool, room controllers can be quickly and easily configured to control the desired application. All you need to do is simply to adjust the pre-set values!
The main advantage with Application tool is its flexible multiload function. It means that, if you have several units sharing the same configuration, you can download all of them simultaneously with just a single click in the tool.
Check out the video below where we tell you more!

Did you know that the Application tool is especially efficient for buildings such as hotels? It makes it just as easy to configure 1 or 1000 hotel rooms. Long hotel corridors suddenly feel a lot shorter… Watch our video about Application tool!