Regin debates bad indoor climate in schools

Did you know that at least two schools or preschools in Sweden are shut down each month due to substandard ventilation?

This is often due to neglected system solutions, easily remedied through simple upgrades, adjustments or by replacing the relevant components. Based on our experience, automation engineers can use their know-how to make a substantial difference – not in the least by educating people as to the possibilities offered when upgrading systems.
Recently, Regin Product Director Gunnar Åberg, in collaboration with Professor Kary Främling at the University of Umeå, has published articles debating this fact in various Swedish media. In their article, they highlight the Korsavad school in Sweden’s municipality Simrishamn, one of the winning projects in the Energy Saver Awards 2018. It is an excellent example of how to create a quick and efficient solution to a complex problem.