Professor and automation expert joins Energy Saver Awards jury: Building automation with a focus on people

Kary Främling is a professor of Computing Science in both Finland and Sweden and said to be among the first to ever use the term Internet of Things in a scientific article. Presently, Kary is also a jury member in the Regin Energy Saver Awards. “To be on the Energy Saver Awards jury is completely in line with my research and my role as a professor”, says Kary Främling. “I like to keep up to date with current industry developments.”

Kary Främling has written more than one hundred scientific articles and has been quoted as the first to ever mention the Internet of Things, in an article published as far back as 2002. In this article, Kary first introduced a software which today is used in multiple industrial systems.

“Buildings stand for about 40 percent of all global carbon emissions. Indoor climate is important both to the environment and energy savings. Smart and energy-efficient solutions are therefore absolutely necessary to our future climate”, says Kary Främling.

Kary foresees building automation to become ever more autonomous in the future – that is to say, more intelligent and with a wider perspective. Furthermore, it will also be necessary to take into account and understand the life cycle of buildings to a larger extent.

“As a professor in Building Information Management (BIM), my job is all about applying technical solutions to handle building modeling, automation as well as other information and systems throughout the entire life cycle of a building”, he says.

Nevertheless, everything must ultimately revolve around people. This is something that Kary has always emphazised and underlined in his presentations. It is very important to construct a building based on its inhabitants and their needs.

“Building automation must be capable of autonomously adaptating to both the needs of a building and the habits of its residents.”

Kary Främling is also the founder of the company ControlThings, which develops solutions based on the Internet of Things. For almost 20 years, Kary has been behind a series of intelligent solutions for managing energy consumption in buildings.

About Kary Främling

Professor at Aalto University in Finland
Professor at Umeå University in Sweden, Department of Computing Science
Founder and CEO of the company ControlThings (
Chairman of the Internet of Things workgroup of The Open Group, responsible for developing standards used in the computing industry
Education: Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland
Has authored more than 100 academic articles
Lives in Porvoo, Finland

Kary Främling studied at the Helsinki University of Technology in 1990 and presented his thesis on Artificial Intelligence in France in 1996. In 1998, Kary returned to Finland to begin work on the Internet of Things and distributed Artificial Intelligence. Kary Främling has worked on various research projects within these fields since 2009.