Patrik makes you CLOUDigo clever

We have posed five questions about CLOUDigo to Patrik Göransson, Business Developer at Regin Sweden.

Hi Patrik! Can you tell us a little bit about CLOUDigo?

“CLOUDigo is an IOT-based cloud service portal developed in HTML5 which, among other things, can be connected to Corrigo and Exigo, our control systems for ventilation and heating. This solution gives you one of the most flexible control systems in the market.”

What are the advantages of using CLOUDigo?

“CLOUDigo gives you full access to all values and logs from your buildings directly in your computer or cell phone, regardless of your physical location. This saves a tremendous amount of time. CLOUDigo determines and categorizes deviations and sends all urgent alarms via e-mail to ensure they are handled immediately. CLOUDigo can function similar to a “mini-Scada”, but with considerably faster and simpler installation and commissioning, and without compromising functionality. By using CLOUDigo, it is possible to connect to a building management system at a very low cost.”

Today, we have more than 4000 connected building management systems. What do the end users say?

“Most of them think CLOUDigo is extremely simple to use. CLOUDigo scans the configuration of the control system and automatically creates both a schematic and a dynamic flow model. This gives an excellent overview of the system while also providing full access to all settings. By assigning various access levels, it is possible to control just who can see and change specific settings. Many also appreciate the easy to use logging function that can simplify troubleshooting.”

Are there any security risks in using CLOUDigo?

“There are always risks whenever you share information online. But when it comes to using CLOUDigo, we’ve made the system as secure as it can possibly get by using a large, stable server environment equipped with all the latest safety measures. Among other things, we use the SSL security protocol, meaning all user names and passwords are sent in encrypted form to the CLOUDigo server. Of course, we also recommend selecting a really good password!”

How do you get started?

“If you already have a Corrigo or an Exigo with TCP/IP (Ethernet connection), just make sure the link to CLOUDigo is activated and that you have a steady Internet connection (or a 3G/4G modem). Next, go to to register your user account and add the serial number of the controller. By doing this, you create a link between your user account and the controller. Then you just need to get started using CLOUDigo. Quick and simple! You have the option to test the system using a single unit for up to 10 days before you make a final decision!”

Get in touch with us if you have any other questions!

Check out the user manual here: (PDF document, 1.6 MB)