New Plug and Play room unit

We are now expanding our range of room units with the new model ED-RU-DOCS with both a temperature and CO2 sensor in the same unit.

The unit offers full Plug and Play compatibility with Regio Ardo and Regio Eedo, using a custom cable connected to the controller’s dedicated display port. All connected ED-RU room units not only enable climate control of a single room, but also easy configuration directly via the unit.
Using ED-RU-DOCS means you only need a single room unit to measure both temperature and air quality! The room unit is intended to be combined with, for instance, Regio Ardo and installed directly on the wall or on a wall socket.
Check out the video below where Stefan Blom, Sales Director at Regin, shows our various room units and talks about the unique features of our new room solution!
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