Meet the nominees in the 2018 Regin Energy Saver Awards

Three climate awards will be distributed at the Nordbygg exhibition, held April 11th at the Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre. The Energy Saver Awards have received a substantial number of entries, and a total of six energy savers have been nominated for Regin’s climate awards. The nominees come from Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Vietnam and Sweden.

All nominees have exhibited excellent examples of energy savings for a sustainable future. The entries have arrived from across the globe, resulting in a total of six nominees.

The nominees are:

1. Sweden: A simple ventilation solution for the Korsavad Primary School
Company: Lindstens Elektriska AB
When the entire ventilation system urgently needed to be replaced, a choice had to be made between either programming a completely new system or using a pre-programmed control system, configured via a cloud service. Despite the complex functions to be handled, the simple, cloud-based solution was installed. It was set up and configured in complete accordance with building requirements - without a single programmer being physically present. This project was carried out in only two months.

2. Italy: A bank gets an energy-efficient control system
Company: UNo eNG Srl
In an Italian bank, an energy-efficient control system was programmed to control and optimize the energy consumption of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The project resulted in a 90 percent load reduction, a 60 percent reduction in ventilation power consumption and a 60 percent total reduction in overall energy consumption.

3. Saudi Arabia: A mosque receives a new HVAC system
Company: HN Engineers
The extreme climate of Saudi Arabia makes air-conditioning systems in buildings consume large amounts of energy. A mosque, with a calculated yearly energy consumption of 300 000 kWh, saw its old HVAC system entirely replaced with a brand-new system. The new system was programmed to minimize runtime from 18 to 10 hours per day, which led to large savings without compromising the comfort of people in the building.

4. Vietnam: Energy savings in a medical plant
Company: Tin Dat Consulting and Automation Service Engineering Co., Ltd.
To guarantee a clean and safe environment, climate control in factories and clinical environments always place strict demands on pressure and ventilation - just to name a few factors. For this project, the control system was cleverly constructed to fulfil strict demands while also still enabling easy energy monitoring and optimization. Skilful programming and good engineering made it possible to achieve energy savings of up to 15 percent.

5. Spain: A holistic approach to a historical building complex, Amazon HQ, Madrid
In Amazon’s new Madrid headquarters, the working environment is intended to promote health and comfort while also enabling the building itself to contribute to a sustainable development. The building had to conform to the BREEAM standard, thereby substantially contributing to a cleaner environment. Based on these demands, a system for ventilation, lighting and air conditioning was developed. All functions in the buildings were designed to interact with each other - for instance by recycling rain water and wastewater and by generating energy through solar panels.

6. Spain: A shopping centre in Madrid
Company: IDAR
This shopping centre solution consists of a very advanced control system that handles a huge amount of functions - such as climate control, presence detection, lighting and energy monitoring - all from one, single system. The project consists of a combination of diverse types of technologies and communication protocols to monitor and supervise all functions inside the building.

For more information and interviews, visit Regin’s stand during Nordbygg from April 10-13. The winner award ceremony will take place at 14.00 (2 PM) on April 11.