Here are the winners of the Regin Energy Saver Awards

The winners of the Regin Energy Saver Awards have now been presented. The award ceremony was held at Nordbygg, northern Europe's largest construction industry exhibition. This year the main prize, “The Energy-Saving Solution of the Year”, went to the Italian company Uno eNG Srl for their energy saving project at a bank.

“The energy saving solution of the year award goes to a project with a comprehensive approach to building automation. By analysing the existing building, ineffective features could be identified in order to save energy – while still taking human needs and comfort into consideration,” the jury writes in its motivation.

The Regin Energy Saver Awards acknowledge successful installations in real estate automation that lead to effective energy savings. Three awards were given to the winners in Regin's stand this Wednesday at Nordbygg, Stockholmsmässan.

The Italian company that was awarded energy savers of the year programmed a new control system at a bank office in Padova, to control and optimize the energy consumption for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). The entire HVAC system was upgraded to save energy. The results of the project were 60 percent lower electric power consumption for ventilation, and 60 percent lower energy consumption overall. According to calculations, the investment will be paid off in 4.5 years.

“We worked with this project for almost three years, and to receive this award means a lot to our team. We reached this high level of energy savings by implementing several solutions in the building. In this work, we really appreciated the valuable support we got from Regin, something which also contributed to the success of the project,” says Nicola Masiero, CEO of Uno eNG Srl.

The award of “The Most Future-oriented Solution of the Year” went to Spain, and the company INMOTECHNIA that installed a digital solution in a historic building complex.

Swedish company Lindsténs Elektriska won the award “The Ready-Steady-Go Solution of the Year”, for finding a simple, quick, and effective installation to solve an urgent situation at the Korsavad school in Simrishamn, Sweden.

The winning projects and the motivations from the jury:


Project: An energy efficient control system
Winner: Italy – UNo eNG Srl
The jury's motivation: The winner of the Energy Saver Category of 2018 is a true proof of concept showing that a wholistic view on building automation pays off. Essential long-term savings could be achieved by analyzing the existing building and identifying the needs of the people working in the building and by pinpointing what functions could be made more efficient. The payoff time of the project was 5 years only.


Project: A comprehensive view on a historic building complex – Amazon's headquarters in Madrid
The jury's motivation: The award goes to a project that gives a true holistic view in the upgrade of an historical building complex that lives up to the BREEAM standards. It is fantastic to see how building control systems can be used to address everything from surroundings, water recycling, indoor climate and energy savings. The digitalization and access of data from different sub-systems enable new insights and innovation with the possibility to expand and truly adapt to future needs.


Project: A simple ventilation solution in the Korsavad school
Winner: Lindsténs Elektriska AB
The jury's motivation: The award goes to a project that shows the possibility to achieve great improvements of indoor climate and energy savings by using modern HVAC technology in an easy way. Sometimes, it is the simple tools that enable smart solutions, leading to low engineering costs for an advanced solution. The short implementation time and cost-efficiency of the project show that there is no excuse not to improve the indoor climate, save energy and contribute to a sustainable future.