Hello there...

…Leif Brattschöld, CEO Regin. Very soon it is time for Energy Saver Awards at “Nordbygg” in Sweden. As one of the jury members, why are the awards so important for Regin?

- Our vision is to strive for people’s well-being in a sustainable future and this is possible only together with our customers. Therefore we want to lift and encourage good initiatives.

You have read all the contributions. Are you hopeful?

- Yes! And I am very impressed of the innovation spirit, the technical insights that they show and, above all, how they run their projects and work close together with their customers for achieving the best results possible. The sector of building and services stands for a major part of the energy consumption - in Sweden the share is 40 percent - so there is a huge potential of savings. Smart solutions for buildings are therefore crucial.

Which are the most important criterias when choosing the winners?

- The energy reduction, of course, but also that it is a smart solution based on automation. We also encourage solutions that have an easy, quick and efficient installation process. Finally, the people’s well-being stands in the centre.