Awards will contribute to sustainable forestry in the Amazon

Aside from overall glory, the winners of the 2018 Regin Energy Saver Awards will also receive climate compensation as their award. Regin will invest funds under the winners’ names into a project in the Amazon. This project is carried out in Brazil by Tricorona, who also carries out other similar projects. Funds paid as climate compensation are used towards accelerating the development of renewable energy in developing countries.

"I find it very positive that companies like Regin engage in initiatives like this, which are very much needed in today's global climate situation. Our actions to save rainforests are crucial. The Amazon makes up 30 percent of the lungs of the Earth. The Santa Maria Florestal project also has a positive impact on the daily life of all the poor people living in the area", says Jan Ihre, Business Developer at Tricorona.
The world's rainforests are exposed to a very high rate of deforestation. The project in Florestal Santa Maria, Brazil, attempts to counter negative development by ensuring sustainable forestry, through planting new trees and preserving the existing forest.
The project started with a survey of the Amazon rainforest, carried out in cooperation with the local people, who were given the chance to influence the project.
The ongoing work has generated a considerable number of jobs for the local population. The project also attracts other investments that contribute to further development in the area. In addition to social benefits, the ecological benefits include a conservation of an area of over 28.000 hectares, the replanting of original trees and plants and a reduction of 1.000.000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over a 10-year period.

All projects carried out by Tricorona are approved by the UN.