SSCU100-60-CR-MPI Flanged ultrasonic energy meters

Flanged ultrasonic energy meters, intended for heating or cooling.We offer many different options, see the product sheet for more information.
Specifications for SSCU100-60-CR-MPI
Nominal diameter DN100
Flow 60 m3/h
Type of measurement Cooling
Communication interface M-Bus with 3 pulse inputs
Length of flow meter 360 mm
Flanges PN25 with 8 bolt holes
Specifications for Flanged ultrasonic energy meters
Power supply 3 V lithium battery, min. 10 years. 24 V and 230 V power packs are available as accessories.
Temperature range 0…150 °C heating, 0…50°C cooling
Temperature difference limits 3…100K
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Temperature range, cooling (energy meeter) 5…50 °C
Storage temperature -20…+60°C
Ambient humidity < 93 % RH
Protection class IP54
Calculation of heat from K ΔΘ > 0.05K
Calculation of cooling from K ΔΘ < -0.05K
Dual purpose heat/cooling meter ΔΘHC < -0.5K
Measurement frequency at qp Cycle 30 s
Data storage EEPROM, daily storage of values
Interfaces M-Bus, pulse output or M-Bus with 2 pulse inputs
Reading dates Annual billing date selectable, 24 monthly values
Display LCD, 8 digits + additional symbols
Display units MWh, kWh, GJ, m3, m3/h, l/h, kW, MW, °C
Mechanical class Class M1 (MID: 31.03.2004 annex I)
EMC Class E1 (MID: 31.03.2004 annex I)
Environmental class A (EN 1434)
Cable length 3m
Sensor element PT500; separately approved type as per EN60751, unshielded
Diameter, sensor 6mm
Installation Direct or indirect in a temperature sensor pocket per EN1434
Temperature sensor requirements, heat meter EU (MID) identification on the temperature sensors
Temperature sensor requirements, cooling meter National German approval as a temperature sensor for cooling meters. Requirements in other countries may be different.
Connection Flanged according to EN 1092-3
Pressure rating PN25
Media Water
Mounting position Horizontal or vertical
Mounting position, cooling Transducers (black housing) to the side of or under the measuring tube
Point of installation Return flow
Temperature range 5…130°C
Temperature range, heating 10…130°C
Temperature range, cooling 5…50°C
Cable length 3m
Recommended minimum system pressure 1 bar

Temperature sensor pocket for installation of universal temperature sensor with 6 mm sheath diameter


Temperature sensor pocket for installation of universal temperature sensor with 6 mm sheath diameter


Optocoupler with USB interface


Software device monitor


230 V power pack


24 V AC power pack


Battery for SSU and SSCU