2SBS32-16 Flanged district heating valves

This product is discontinued

Flanged valves for heating, district heating and air handling systems. The valves from DN20 to DN100 are pressure balanced, which means that they can handle differential pressure with low force. The valves are intended for use together with Regin's RVA actuators.

Specifications for 2SBS32-16
Nominal diameter DN32
Kvs 16 m3/h
Stroke 20 mm
Actuator RVAN5
Specifications for Flanged district heating valves
Pressure rating PN16
Connection Flanges according to SS 335 table 6
Flow characteristics Equal percentage
Max. leakage 0.1 % of kvs
Media temperature -5...+185°C
Media Hot, cold, glycol-mixed water or steam
Rangeability 50:1
Max. diff. pressure 1600kPa
Body Nodular cast iron Grade 500/7
Seat Stainless steel 304S15
Plug Stainless steel 303S31
Stem Stainless steel 303S31
Lining Stainless steel 304S15
Packing box Dezincification resistant brass CW 602N, self-adjusting teflon (o-ring viton)
O-rings Viton