Upgrade agreement

Secured and continuous access to the latest versions of Regin's software at a fixed yearly rate. Regin's upgrade agreement enables you to feel safe in the knowledge that your programs will last you both now and in the future. At least once a year, we will also launch new functions which you can make use of directly.
The agreement applies to the following software

  1. EXO4

  2. EXOdesigner

  3. EXOreport
The customer receives
  1. continuous access to the latest version of the licensed software
  2. a full licence for EXOdesigner (even if the customer purchased the software at an earlier point in time)
  3. anti-theft protection of registered hardware keys (dongle). A stolen hardware key is replaced free of charge.

If a customer without an upgrade agreement wishes to upgrade a software in the future, this is done by buying the software. The agreement is only signed if all the customer's software and hardware key licences are included. The cost is based on the number of hardware keys and the size of the system. Contact Regin for more information.

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