Powerful SCADA system giving you complete control and overview of one or many buildings. You can handle alarms and access all important parameters, functions and data.
Design tools
It is easy to design user-friendly screens in EXO4 with the built-in configuration tools. Included in EXO4 is InkScape, an advanced tool for design of images. It comes with a large library of graphic symbols and SCADA pictures.

EXO4 also supports animated symbols and offers many possibilities to configure the SCADA design according to your requirements.
SCADA/HMI software for operator stationsEXO4 has a graphical user interface and all settings and commands are very easy to use. The software is sold together with a matching hardware key.

The EXO software is copy protected and requires the prior installation of a hardware key. The keys are available in USB or PC card versions. The licence includes SQL Express which is capable of handling 4 Gbyte data. For larger databases, the SQL Server is used (not included). The licence also includes all configuration tools.

EXO4 can handle communication with the Regin System via our EXOline protocol. EXO4 can also communicate via the BACnet protocol, which is useful for communication with devices of other brands. The BACnet driver works with EXO4M7 and larger.
EXO4 systems come in six different sizesEXO4 is always supplied with a hardware key. The size of the key depends on the requested number of I/Os. You can choose between PC card and USB versions, see below.

  1. Dynamic visualization of plants and processes

  2. Real-time curves and trends

  3. Time channel program

  4. Historical database

  5. Alarm and status supervision with three alarm priority levels

  6. Registration and handling of events

  7. Support for SQL

  8. Client-server for large systems with many workstations

  9. Script language available


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Specifications for EXO4