TG-AH3/NI1000-02 Clamp-on sensor with housing

This product is discontinued

Clamp-on sensor with housing
Specifications for TG-AH3/NI1000-02
Sensor element Ni1000
Nominal resistance 1000 Ω (0°C)
Equivalent Sauter
Specifications for Clamp-on sensor with housing
Protection class IP65
Time constant 3s
Measuring range, temperature -20…+120°C
Cable gland M16
Dimensions, external (WxHxD) 104 x 78 x 51mm
Accessories, included

Two metal straps and heat-conductive paste ( PASTA-20).

Weight (incl. packaging)

0.15 kg

Material, housing

Polycarbonate (PC)

Material, base

Polycarbonate (PC)


Heat-conductive paste in tube, 20 g


Cable ties, pack of 100