RCP200 Regio Maxi – Freely programmable/pre-programmed zone controllers

This product is discontinued

Regio Maxi consists of RCP controllers prepared for quick connection of the RU room units. The controllers are compatible with other Regin products and can easily be integrated into systems with EXOflex, Corrigo, EXOcompact, EXOdos and EXOscada.

The standard RCP model includes an application program for climate control in public buildings. It can also be used as a freely programmable room controller. Programming takes place in EXOdesigner, the same environment used for all other Regin system controllers.

The RCP controllers can be used in systems with communication, e.g. EXOline (over RS485 or TCP/IP), Modbus (RS485) or LON. They are installed in a ceiling void, on a junction box plate or on a DIN-rail.

Regio tool©The pre-loaded room application is configured in Regio tool©, downloadable free of charge from www.regincontrols.com.Product overview, Regio Maxi

RCP100 and RCP200 are the basic models in the range. The other models have various functions, indicated by the letters in the product name:

F = Fan control (3-speed), T = TCP/IP communication, L = LON communication

Specifications for RCP200
3-step fan control -
Output signal 0...10 V DC
Can be combined with RU, RU-O, RU-DO, RU-DOS
Specifications for Regio Maxi – Freely programmable/pre-programmed zone controllers
Supply voltage 230 V AC ±10 %, 50...60 Hz
Power consumption 2 VA
Ambient humidity Max. 95 % RH
Storage temperature -40...+50°C
Mounting Ceiling, on a junction box plate, or DIN-rail
Number of modules 8.6
Protection class IP20
Analogue inputs (AI) PT1000 or 0...10 V DC
Condensation input (CI) Input for Regin's condensation detector KG-A/1
Digital inputs (DI) Potential-free closing contact
Analogue outputs (AO) 0...10 V DC
Digital outputs (DO) Triac outputs: 24 V AC, 0.5 A / Relay outputs: 230 V AC, 4 A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 150 x 180 x 60mm

Software tool for Regio


Cable for Regio Maxi, between RU and RCP, cable length 3 m


Cable for Regio Maxi, between RU and RCP, cable length 10 m


A set of 10 connector plates for Regio Maxi RCP


Regio Maxi RCP demo kit