US-WV20-2.5-HCR-PO Combined threaded ultrasonic energy meters

This product is discontinued

Externally threaded ultrasonic energy meters, intended for heating or cooling.We offer many different options, see the US-WV product sheet for more information.Note: Non-stock item.
Specifications for US-WV20-2.5-HCR-PO
Nominal diameter DN20
Flow 2.5 m3/h
Type of measurement Heating and cooling in combination
Communication interface Pulse output for energy
Specifications for Combined threaded ultrasonic energy meters
Power supply 3.6 V lithium battery, min. 6 + 1 years
Temperature range 1...150°C
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Ambient temperature 5...55°C
Protection class IP54
Connection Threaded according to ISO 228/1
Pressure rating PN16
Media Water
Mounting position Horizontal or vertical
Cable length 3m
Sensor element PT500; separately approved type as per EN60751, unshielded
Diameter, sensor 5mm