E28-S-WEB Corrigo TCP/IP (BACnet, Webserver)

This product is discontinued

Controller with TCP/IP communication
Specifications for E28-S-WEB
Inputs 16
Outputs 12
Dual ports -
Specifications for Corrigo TCP/IP (BACnet, Webserver)
Supply voltage 24 V AC ±15 %, 50...60 Hz or 20...36 V DC
Power consumption 5 VA, 3 W (DC) WEB models: 9 VA, 5 W (DC)
Ambient temperature 0...50°C
Storage temperature -40...+50°C
Ambient humidity Max. 90 % RH
Protection class IP20
Memory backup Built-in long-life battery with long time back-up of all settings
Display Backlit, LCD, 4 rows of 20 characters
Dimensions (WxHxD) 148 x 123 x 58mm
Mounting DIN-rail
Communication RS485, EXOline (free protocol) and Modbus as standard. LON and TCP/IP as options.
Analogue inputs (AI) For a PT1000 sensor or 0...10 V DC
Digital inputs (DI) For potential-free contacts
Analogue outputs (AO) 0...10 V DC, 1 mA, short-circuit proof
Digital outputs (DO) Mosfet 2 A each, max. 8 A total, 24 V AC or DC