Optigo - Controllers for simple applications

A series of compact, economic and versatile stand-alone controllers without communication. They are pre-configured and intended for smaller applications. The controllers are easy to install, commission and control.

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(3 st)
  • OP5U - Regin
    Controller for control of temperature, CO2 and pressure.
    Supply voltage
    24 V AC ±15 %
    Number of I/Os
  • OP10 - Regin
    Controller for temperature.
    Supply voltage
    24 V AC ±15 %
    Number of I/Os
  • OP10-230 - Regin
    Controller for temperature
    Supply voltage
    230 V AC
    Number of I/Os
Specifications for Optigo - Controllers for simple applications
Supply voltage 24 V AC ±15 % / ...10-230 model: 230 V AC
Power consumption 4 VA
Ambient temperature 0…50°C
Storage temperature -40…+50°C
Ambient humidity Max. 90 % RH
Mounting DIN-rail
Number of modules 7
Protection class IP20
Display Backlit LCD, numeric/graphic, language-independent symbols
Dimensions (WxHxD) 123 x 123 x 60mm
Clock Week-based 24-hour clock
Analogue inputs (AI) PT1000
Digital inputs (DI) Closing potential-free contact
Universal inputs (UI) 0...10 V DC or digital
Setpoint input (SPI) For an external PT1000 setpoint device, e.g. TG-R4/PT1000 or TBI-PT1000
Analogue outputs (AO) 0...10 V DC, short-circuit protected
Digital outputs (DO) OP10 and OP10-230 only. Triac 24 V AC, 0.5 A (3-point control or alarm output) and one change-over relay 230 V AC, 5 A (fan start).

Set of angled plug-in terminal blocks