XCE163W-1 EXOcompact Eedo freely programmable controllers

EXOcompact Eedo is a 230 V AC freely programmable controller. The controller provides built-in communication via EXOline, Modbus or BACnet for integration into Arrigo BMS or other SCADA systems. It can be used either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a larger system. The controller is well suited to act as a room controller and connects seamlessly to the room units in Regin’s ED-RU-… series.

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Specifications for XCE163W-1
Ethernet ports 1
RS485 ports 2
Display -
AI 3
DI 3
CI 1
AO 4
DO 5
Inputs/Outputs 16
Specifications for EXOcompact Eedo freely programmable controllers
Supply voltage 230 V ~ (207…253 V ~ 50/60 Hz)
Power consumption 11 VA
Protection class IP20
Ambient humidity Max. 95 % RH
Ambient temperature 0…50°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Operating system EXOrealC
Battery backup Memory and real-time clock, at least 5 years
Mounting DIN-rail
Number of modules 8.5
Display External (accessory)
Dimensions, external (WxHxD)

149 x 121 x 58

Weight (incl. packaging) 0.37 kg
Material, housing Polycarbonate, PC

Replacement battery (CR2032)


Front mounting kit, 12 modules


Cable for USB connection


Terminal protection kit for Ardo and Eedo controllers


External touch screen display


External display


3 m cable for connecting an external display


10 m cable for connecting an external display


Cable splitter for connecting two display units to one controller